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March 07, 2008


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Frank, this post (and the photos) break my heart. what a sweet-faced dog.

having a cat myself, i could not possibly move anywhere at all if he couldn't come too. unfortunately, i also read a recent story that many families whose homes are foreclosed in the mortgage crisis, just leave their pets behind, because they think it will be too difficult to find a place they can afford that will also allow pets. authorities coming into these properties find half-starved cats, dogs, birds, etc. it's just horrible to read about that stuff. even though i don't think giving up a pet to a shelter is the best option, it certainly gives the pet at least a *chance* at survival and adoption rather than leaving the pet behind to starve. reading the article actually made me shudder.


Thanks for the sensitive comment Em. I heard the stories of the pets being left behind too. The worst one I remember is the dog left without food or a bowl of water. Why do people capable of leaving their pets to starve even get pets in the first place.

Abigail Blades

Have you seen the commercials that Pedigree has out right now? Poor little Echo who doesn't get adopted. It makes me cry every time. Animal shelters are of the saddest places on earth because there are so many eager faces and not enough homes. I have mixed feelings about shelters. While I advocate finding homes for abandoned or mistreated pets, there are so many that spend their lives in cages which is not a very good quality of life. My sister is a realtor in Larchmont and when she went to an open house, there was an abandoned cat that the family had clearly left on purpose without so much as a drink of water! These people deserve to be shot. It is dispicable to leave a pet behind but it is even worse to leave one behind and not even bother to leave food, water and a clean litter box. Poor little Yolanda. I wish I could own a farm to adopt all the abandoned dogs. All except Little Pit.


I HAVE seen the Pedigree ads. The ones during the Westminster Dog Show literally made my eyes well with tears. VERY effective. I plan to talk about the good work Pedigree is doing with their adoption program in Chapter Three.

hemp, greenwich

So much suffering in the world. I feel so weak, pathetic, guilty, scared, because I can barely bring myself to look at Yolanda's picture or pictures of starving children, devastated Iraqi families, on and on. It feels like you could fall into an abyss of madness if you look to closely. Pathetic, I know.

hemp, greenwich

and I should say, I admire those of you who do look.



As I continue writing this blog I can almost feel myself slipping into madness. I am a little bit changed every day. I never understood when people said they have no choice but to write. Once I started something opened in me, and I cannot stop. Obsession. Human cruelty.

It's why sometimes I go on about dumb facials, and convince myself it has to do with health and wellness on some superficial level. Humor found in everything saves oneself.

For some reason I feel the need to make myself look closely at the suffering, as painful as it is. It is only the least I can do. That, and talk about it to get a conversation going.


Wonderful pictures. You can only wonder what Yolanda may be thinking. Could it be that she is happy just to be outside for a short time? Maybe the joy she feels for her short time out and about is MUCH greater than the joy other dogs feel who have this luxury each day. Possibly they just expect it and take it for granted. She does not. She may truly savor it. Or.... she has come to accept her life as it is. Possibly she is content and appreciate what she has. Does she know another way of life? We will never know what she thinks and feels. We can only hope she is as content and happy as WE would want her to be so WE can feel better for HER and OURSELVES.


She is not happy when they close the door to her cage and walk away.

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